PAC – 046 Mugur Frunzetti – Studio20

Mugur Frunzetti

In This Episode, we talk to Mugur Frunzetti from Studio20

Who’s that mover and shaker Studio20 guy from Romania that can rock the maroon suit? We have the one and only Mugur with us on this episode of Porn and Coffee and had the pleasure of interviewing him while on vacation in the mountains even (yes, he is tireless!) Mugur started his first live cam studio in 2000 and has grown the Studio 20 empire from the humble beginnings of a two bedroom apartment with four models sharing the same room to a multi-billion dollar international business with over 500 employees and models and nine headquarters in three continents.

Licensed in Economics with an MBA in Finance, Mugur’s big love was and will always be marketing. He is an active entrepreneur and investor not only in adult, but also in several mainstream companies in the SAAS, e-commerce and marketing industries. And let’s face it… he’s an all around great guy and fascinating to listen to.

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PAC – 045 Gunner – Cam4

In This Episode, we talk to Gunner from Cam4

This week we caught up with Gunner! Long time industry veteran and currently Content Development Manager for CAM4. We love this guy. And not just because he’s our personal bodyguard now. With Gunner you get a wealth of knowledge, a great sense of humor and style and just someone in general who makes our industry a better place to be around. Entering the adult industry in the late 90s while working on his Master’s degree at the University of Illinois, Gunner ran link lists as an old-school webmaster before moving into pay-sites and working with other adult programs. Over the last 18 years he has done nearly everything there is to do in the industry including performing, managing, owning, and consulting for numerous companies as well as his own. His experience in live webcams dates back to the very beginning of webcam content when he opened one of the first US live cam studios in 1999. Enjoy!

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PAC – 035 Alexandra – OneGreatDiva

Alexandra - OneGreatDiva

In This Episode, we talk to Alexandra – OneGreatDiva from LiveCamAwards

Alexandra AKA OneGreatDiva is successful both in the fetish webcam industry as a model and performer, and also in the awards show side of the adult industry with her amazing annual LiveCamAwards (LCA) show, with her third year happening during TES Barcelona. The LCA is the first awards show to exclusively honor the performers and companies who serve the highly-competitive webcam business. The Bucharest, Romania-born beauty joined the camming community in 2006, and has since perfectly honed her ‘Diva’ image – and foot fetish imagery – to the delight of many of her passionate fans and followers. Business savvy and beautiful, we had a blast catching up with Alexandra and learned a few things along the way, not only about her but also about her work and work ethic. We hope her words of wisdom and independence inspire you as well.

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PAC – 016 Juan Carlos and Anthony from AJ Studios

We had a great time catching up with Juan Carlos and Anthony (AJ), owners and operators of AJ Studios and the LALEXPO (now in its 3rd year) in Colombia. With the largest webcam studio in all of South America, these guys are total innovators and professionals. Their LALEXPO is a high-level networking platform for industry leaders, content providers, studio partners, cam models, fans, and supporting vendors and businesses to come together to change the face of the webcam industry. Not to mention they are constantly surrounded by hot girls.

With an amazing “can-do” and ongoing “win-win” attitude and their numerous trials and tribulations on their pathway to success, these guys shared some great stories with us as their webcam studio and tradeshow both continue to grow. We might even encounter a wild story or three along the way. And oh… those girls…

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