PAC – 043 Shirley Lara –

In This Episode, we talk to Shirley Lara from Chaturbate

On this episode we had the pleasure of catching up with Shirley Lara, the Chief Operating Officer of the wildly popular, multi-award winning live-cam, adult chat site, This is a woman who launched her career early, in website development and actually built her first website at the young age of 15. As spokesperson for Chaturbate, Shirley has been instrumental to Chaturbate’s rise to the top and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Vice and Wired, along with numerous adult entertainment publications.

Shirley is also involved with the adult industry’s Women in Adult outreach organization, which works to empower and support the many women who work in adult entertainment When she is not traveling the globe in support of Chaturbate’s worldwide broadcaster base and international marketing projects, Shirley is very involved in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Think you know Shirley? Check out this episode and you may hear a few more surprises!

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