PAC – 034 Rebecca Love

Rebecca Love

In This Episode, we talk to Rebecca Love

We were fortunate to catch up with Rebecca Love, the “Skinemax BQueen of Late Nite TV” and one of our hosts secret (now, not so secret) early industry crushes! Rebecca has been in the adult industry since the late 90’s and has built an awesome adult community for networking and fun in Las Vegas since her retirement from hardcore porn.  MeetUps like “Karaoke XXX” has been a mainstay for years which promotes networking and interacting with fans in a fun environment, as well as her “Talking Dirty” sexuality podcast which fulfills her passion for radio networks since the KSEX days. There is more to come from Miss Love as she is producing an interactive fan movie experience with her new endeavor, so stay tuned!

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– The Gaelic WWW Conference 2017

PAC-011 Brad Mitchell from MojoHost

Ahh… Brad Mitchell, owner of MojoHost. How can you not love this guy? Knowledge, experience, service, style, and industry goodwill all rolled into one awesome person.

With Brad you can always expect good things to happen… but how did he get to his current position in the industry and more important how has he managed to stay there? We’ll peel back the layers one painted shirt at a time and really get into some in depth talk with a man with old school background and adaptability every step of the way.



PAC-006 Talking With The Talented Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate Porn And Coffee

What does Tanya Tate have in common with The Beatles? This raving beauty also originally hails from Liverpool, England and in her own way has taken the world by storm. With an amazing performer resume and list of achievements a mile long … what else is there for Tanya?

Already famous for her extensive work, primarily in the MILF, lesbian and cosplay categories, her abilities far transcend what goes on in front of the camera which includes directing, running her own public relations firm, hosting a radio show, dominating on social media and making numerous public appearances. This DIY’er is much more than a pretty face.