PAC – 032 Live Porn And Coffee With Joey Gabra And Andy Wullmer

Live Porn And Coffee

In This Episode The Live Porn And Coffee Recording from The European Summit in Prague!

Well, we did it! We have successfully produced, edited and launched our first LIVE podcast here at Porn and Coffee! Thanks to all the brave souls who took an hour out of their busy schedules at TES Prague, we did our best to entertain and educate (with much more emphasis on entertain) with the help of industry favorites Joey Gabra of Affil4you and Andy Wullmer of Sex Goes Mobile. Obviously with those guys, fun and interesting content was in no short order. We think we’d like to do this again sometime even! Thanks to longtime sponsor Adult Force and now our newest sponsor as a direct result of our live podcast: The Gaelic WWW Conference, happening in June 2017. We will of course be back to our regular recorded interviews after this week… accept no cheap imitations!

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The Gaelic WWW Conference 2017