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Sharon Somers

In This Episode, we talk to Sharon Somers from ClimaXConnection

We decided to really step out of our b2b comfort zone this episode and talk to someone completely different AND who is making money with the phone sex industry! Yes, even in 2016 there is still a market for this and with plenty of upside. Sharon Somers actually got a later start in the mid 2000s with making money in phone sex and erotic recordings and writing. Preferring to keep her visual identity private, which is often the case we’ve found with people who work in audio only, Sharon provided us with a very unique perspective on her market, the pros and cons, and a better look into the kind of clientele who are looking for something completely different than what seems to be the usual trend nowadays.

You can learn more about this surviving market that many of you might have thought to be gone since the invention of the internet by checking out Sharon’s work at Her phone sex site can be found at

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