PAC – 026 James Deen Part 2

James Deen Part 2

This is the second episode of a two-part series with Porn Star James Deen, listen to the first one here.

In this episode of Porn and Coffee we proudly bring you Part 2 of James Deen. We essentially just handed over the mic to our special guest and watched him run with it for the duration. Breaking it down, you will have the pleasure of hearing James’s innermost thoughts when it comes to branding your name and business (and how he had the foresight years ago to get it right), dealing with the press for better and for worse (those damn misquotes!), as well as his thoughts on where the adult entertainment industry is heading. If you have any interest in how a particular adult business is run, from a major industry insider, then you won’t want to miss this episode and would be hard pressed to find all of this valuable information combined elsewhere in one spot.

All of this and more in this second part of the two-part series with James Deen.

If you have not heard episode 1, listen to that one here.

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