PAC – 053 P. Rosso – Kinkoid

P. Ross - Kinkoid

In This Episode, we talk to P. Ross from Kinkoid

It took us a few episodes but we have now brought someone from the adult gaming industry into our ever-growing podcast! Introducing, P. Rosso from Kinkoid! As you can see, this man has style… and once you listen in to this episode, you’ll quickly learn that he has plenty of substance too! Gaming Adult is the new affiliate program from Kinkoid dedicated solely to online games for the adult industry. Gaming has always been huge online and on devices, and it is continuing to grow.

Kinkoid has over 12 years of experience in gaming and affiliate marketing and are experts in monetization and user retention. Whether it’s exclusive games produced by their own studio, with the first one being “Hentai Heroes” or their recently released “Gay Harem”, their first freemium adult game in that niche, there is something for everyone. Now that Porn and Coffee has covered so many sectors of the adult entertainment industry and its fascinating personnel, we think you’ll enjoy our shifting gears here with our foray into another very significant market… the adult gaming industry.

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PAC – 029 Tilmann Petersen – Lazeeva

Tilmann Lazeeva

In This Episode We Talked To Tilmann Petersen from Lazeeva

This week on Porn and Coffee we have a great chat with Tilmann Petersen, CEO for Lazeeva, the premiere mobile app store for adults. Launched primarily in German speaking regions, they will be expanding into international growth markets with high Android penetration. Expanding, growth and penetration… this is what we’d expect from such an app store. With a background in startups and financial management, Tilmann gives us some insight into the workings and the process of how the appstore came to be and where adult apps in general are heading. Word of warning though… don’t let his professional and pleasant demeanor lull you into a feeling of safety. When it comes to competition for example, like in karting races… he’ll run you off the track. Enjoy!

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