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PAC – 051 Wouter Groenewoud – Traffic Company

In This Episode, we talk to Wouter Groenewoud from Traffic Company

Who’s that sexy guy from Traffic Company? While, yes, there are indeed several of them there, the man we speak of in this instance is none other than Wouter Groenewoud, General Manager of Traffic Company. On this episode of Porn and Coffee we take a trip down memory lane with Wouter and follow his long road from mainstream to adult, the creation of Traffic Company and where they are today! Wouter started with online marketing at the age of 17 when he was still a student. While his colleagues worked their butts off in the local supermarket he was optimizing his campaigns at that age. A few years later he jumped into mobile marketing, because he identified huge opportunities there. Traffic Monetization is in his DNA so this is a very educational episode where we cover topics including mainstream brands, buying adult traffic and the importance of company culture among many other things.

Traffic Company offers a platform that converts your mobile and desktop traffic through performance based marketing (CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS). They convert worldwide by making use of their own offers mixed with some hand-picked exclusive offers from third parties. With their offices located on the north side of The Netherlands in a small town called Leeuwarden, for some unknown reason it has become a Mecca for producing great media buyers. Maybe there is something in the canals? Find out by tuning in!

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