PAC – 052 Jo Merlone – KiwiSourcing

Jo Merlone

In This Episode, we talk to Jo Merlone from KiwiSourcing

Who doesn’t know KiwiGirl? Everyone knows and loves her… (or at least they should!) This woman has gotten around in the industry… professionally! Get your mind out of the gutter… well… keep it there if you want to hang with us. But do you really KNOW Jo Merlone AKA KiwiGirl? Behind that fun and upbeat demeanor is a serious businesswoman who knows how to hustle and put her client’s interests far ahead of her own. Four-time Businesswoman of the year award winner and CEO of KiwiSourcing LLC, most in the industry know Jo for her outsourcing and consulting company which she established in 2008. But guess what… Jo got her start as a webmaster and affiliate wayyy back in 1997.

Jo provides services for a wide range of business needs, to an abundance of companies around the globe, ranging from office management to business development, marketing solutions to event coordination and advertising to online promotions. Whether you are looking for contract negotiation, top level problem solving, increased business productivity, or simply someone to drink professionally with (while providing overall business solutions of course)… KiwiSourcing is a one-stop company. Her professionalism coupled with her humble and often comedic approach is only a partial secret to her success and longevity. Tune in to find out the rest and fully understand why Jo is held in such high regard by her industry peers and competitors.

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PAC – 051 Wouter Groenewoud – Traffic Company

Wouter Groenewoud - Traffic Company

In This Episode, we talk to Wouter Groenewoud from Traffic Company

Who’s that sexy guy from Traffic Company? While, yes, there are indeed several of them there, the man we speak of in this instance is none other than Wouter Groenewoud, General Manager of Traffic Company. On this episode of Porn and Coffee we take a trip down memory lane with Wouter and follow his long road from mainstream to adult, the creation of Traffic Company and where they are today! Wouter started with online marketing at the age of 17 when he was still a student. While his colleagues worked their butts off in the local supermarket he was optimizing his campaigns at that age. A few years later he jumped into mobile marketing, because he identified huge opportunities there. Traffic Monetization is in his DNA so this is a very educational episode where we cover topics including mainstream brands, buying adult traffic and the importance of company culture among many other things.

Traffic Company offers a platform that converts your mobile and desktop traffic through performance based marketing (CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS). They convert worldwide by making use of their own offers mixed with some hand-picked exclusive offers from third parties. With their offices located on the north side of The Netherlands in a small town called Leeuwarden, for some unknown reason it has become a Mecca for producing great media buyers. Maybe there is something in the canals? Find out by tuning in!

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PAC – 050 René Pour – First Mobile Cash

René Pour

In This Episode, we talk to René Pour from First Mobile Cash

On this episode of Porn and Coffee we managed to pin down René Pour and knock out another fun and informative podcast. René is the founder and owner of Smart Media Star, s.r.o., the parent company of First Mobile Cash, ClickBakers, Reality Lovers and other forward thinking properties since 2009. And like 1/2 of your show hosts, he is also an ex-pat having relocated from Germany to Slovakia.

With a solid background in sales in the Automation and Telecommunication industries as well as online marketing with Mobile Payments and Communication, René has been in the industry for over 8 years and is known in several circles to have created a fun and nurturing work environment all the while innovating in some of the most competitive markets. In his spare time René enjoys family, cars, wellness, music and is a wine and cigar aficionado. We think you’ll enjoy this episode just as much as we did in creating it.


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PAC – 049 We Are Back

In This Episode, we talk to ourself.

Look at us go, hitting one shy of the 1/2 century mark! In number of episodes that is. That’s right… Porn and Coffee has hit 49 episodes and we are not slowing down. This time around we figured it was our turn.

While our podcast continues to evolve and more and more sectors of the industry start to take notice of our antics, our desire has always been the same with our interviews: To bring something fun, interesting, informative and not found anywhere else… to the table.

In this episode your hosts do a recap of the fun and excitement we experienced in Romania surrounding the conferences in late May / early June 2017. There truly was rarely a dull moment so we hope that whether you were with us or not during the several days of networking, business, insanity, late nights and explicit video making, that you feel like you were right there with us. Or at least living vicariously through us.

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