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PAC – 048 Sam Rakowski – MrSkin

In This Episode, we talk to Sam Rakowski from Mr Skin

On this episode of Porn and Coffee we sat down with Sam Rakowski, right-hand man to Mr Skin himself, and President of SK Intertainment Inc., the parent company of legendary celebrity website Mr Skin. Sam has spent 16 years with the company, guiding its growth and evolution into a multifaceted power in the adult industry. SK is now the home of many successful brands including Mr Man, Naked News and Egotastic. With Sam there is more than meets the eye given he has been in the industry for longer than you may think and given his products also have broad mainstream appeal, he is actually a wearer of many hats. We attempt to peel back a few layers from the man behind the man and learn more about how Mr Skin’s humble beginnings turned into a major phenomenon. And all along the way we get some interesting tidbits, a list of accomplishments, and of course some funny stories. You can see Sam at a trade show near you, showing off pictures of his three young children.


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