PAC – 027 Andy A – Webmaster Central

Andy A - Webmaster Central

In This Episode We Talked To Andy A from Webmaster Central

Andy A is the Founder and CEO of Webmaster Central, the multi-award nominated and winning premiere content and technology leader in the adult entertainment industry, specializing in state-of-the-art video content transmission since 1996. In addition to being a true visionary in his field for nearly 20 years, the latest frontier is their dive into the world of Virtual Reality, with their VR3000 platform. Andy may have a bigger than life personality, and an anything can happen demeanor, and while he has indeed mellowed a bit over the years, one thing has never changed… his excitement for this industry and in particular his sector dealing with both content and technology. We hope you enjoy this journey speaking with Andy as much as we did.

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PAC – 026 James Deen Part 2

James Deen Part 2

This is the second episode of a two-part series with Porn Star James Deen, listen to the first one here.

In this episode of Porn and Coffee we proudly bring you Part 2 of James Deen. We essentially just handed over the mic to our special guest and watched him run with it for the duration. Breaking it down, you will have the pleasure of hearing James’s innermost thoughts when it comes to branding your name and business (and how he had the foresight years ago to get it right), dealing with the press for better and for worse (those damn misquotes!), as well as his thoughts on where the adult entertainment industry is heading. If you have any interest in how a particular adult business is run, from a major industry insider, then you won’t want to miss this episode and would be hard pressed to find all of this valuable information combined elsewhere in one spot.

All of this and more in this second part of the two-part series with James Deen.

If you have not heard episode 1, listen to that one here.

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PAC – 025 James Deen Part 1

James Deen

This is the first episode of a two-part series with Porn Star James Deen

James Deen is arguably one of the most recognized male talent in porn in the world nowadays and has kept it up literally and figuratively for well over a decade. A friend and business associate to many, and the object of desire to even more, we had the pleasure of going in really deep with James in what turned out to be our first two-parter on Porn and Coffee! Find out this week all kinds of tidbits on the personal side of James that you aren’t really going to find online anywhere.

  • Who was James before entering the Porn Industry?
  • How did James get into the industry?
  • What would happen if the porn industry did not support him after the latest incidents he had in his life?

All of this and more in this first part of the two-part series with James Deen.

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PAC – 024 Paul Kluzak – CCBill

Paul Kluzak

In this Episode We Talked To Paul Kluzak from CCBill

Think you know Paul Kluzak from CC Bill? Once you remove his well-dressed layers and tailored suits, and go beyond his Ironman triathlon physique (during training season, that is), there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. With his humble beginnings in the industry in tech support at a tender young age, Paul has been in the industry for nearly 15 years now, specifically with the CCBill team and currently serves as Sales Executive for Europe. Easily recognizable everywhere he goes, and just a fun and often times hilarious guy to hang out with, Porn and Coffee goes in depth with this industry award winning guy, where no other podcast has previously gone.

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