PAC – 021 Stefan Mühlbauer – BrokerBabe

In this Episode We Talked To Stefan Mühlbauer

In this episode we talk to Stefan Muehlbauer, the Director of Marketing and Sales at mobile powerhouse BrokerBabe. Stefan exploded onto the scene in the adult entertainment industry in 2010, where he took solid command in affiliate marketing, sales and management in several different niches including adult novelties, dating, and membership sites. In the middle of 2013 he jumped over to the mobile world and joined the BrokerBabe team.

From his office in Bucharest we had the pleasure of covering the gamut with Stefan including where he came from, his experience with farmers and insurance, as well as his amazing body transformation after 90 days of hard work, discipline and no partying (what?!) with his industry friends. Not just another pretty face, check out what we have discovered about one of the integral players of Brokerbabe and where the company is heading.

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