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PAC – 018 Alex Gheorghe – AWSummit

In this Episode We Talked To Alex Gheorghe

Alex Gheorghe is the founder of NightProwl studio in Romania and a near 10 year industry veteran. He also organizes the up and coming industry event AW Summit and the AW Awards, now in its third year in Mamaia. The main focus for his events is for the WebCam industry, but as Alex says, this year will be bigger as the webcam industry also needs hosting, traffic and tools to support their businesses. Alex is surrounded by beautiful models and a hardworking and extremely reliable staff, something critical to his company as he will soon take on even more projects.

In this episode we learn the story behind Gheorghe’s success, where it all started and his ups and downs. He tells us about the cam industry in Romania and also forecasts the new big webcam market. Come and learn about all of the new projects that Alex has going on and enjoy a few laughs in the process!

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