Steve Lightspeed

PAC – 017 Steve Lightspeed – 2Hot4FB

In this Episode We Spoke With Steve Lightspeed

Steve Jones, AKA Steve Lightspeed AKA The 2Hot4FB guy… now HERE is someone who has either done it or seen it all. Arguably one of the most successful industry pioneers of the solo girl / cheerleader niche, Steve carved out an empire based on some of the most popular “girls next door” in the earlier days of the adult online industry. Also known for his generosity and ability to mix business with pleasure and a dash or three of insanity… there isn’t an industry veteran around who doesn’t have some kind of crazy Steve Lightspeed story.

Having parlayed his ability to understand and set trends as well as identify industry needs, Steve launched 2Hot4Fb and 2Gay4Fb last year with growing success. Join us as we get to see both the fun and serious sides of someone who has been integral in the history of our industry.

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