PAC – 021 Stefan Mühlbauer – BrokerBabe

In this Episode We Talked To Stefan Mühlbauer

In this episode we talk to Stefan Muehlbauer, the Director of Marketing and Sales at mobile powerhouse BrokerBabe. Stefan exploded onto the scene in the adult entertainment industry in 2010, where he took solid command in affiliate marketing, sales and management in several different niches including adult novelties, dating, and membership sites. In the middle of 2013 he jumped over to the mobile world and joined the BrokerBabe team.

From his office in Bucharest we had the pleasure of covering the gamut with Stefan including where he came from, his experience with farmers and insurance, as well as his amazing body transformation after 90 days of hard work, discipline and no partying (what?!) with his industry friends. Not just another pretty face, check out what we have discovered about one of the integral players of Brokerbabe and where the company is heading.

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PAC – 020 Steven Grooby –

In this Episode We Talked To Steven Grooby

Welcome to episode 20! We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the industry pioneers of the transgender market, Steven, The owner of Grooby, one of the arguably most successful Transgender affiliate programs on the Internet. Outspoken, an avid cigar smoker, and an all around interesting guy, Steven gave us equal parts education and entertainment in this interview. Join us and find out proper terminology, a few “safe for work” stories, and a general understanding of how the mind works for fans of transgender porn. Will  Steven tell us his industry crush? This and much more in this milestone of an episode of Porn And Coffee. And yes, it’s safe to use the bathroom with us!

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PAC – 019 Angela White

Angela White

In this Episode We Talked To Angela White

We had the extreme pleasure of catching up with the lovely and talented AND intelligent Angela White. Multi award nominated and winning adult actress and director, Angela exploded onto the scene in 2003 at the age of 18 with amazing tenacity and has risen to the top and shown longevity in the process. In this episode we will learn a few secrets of her success, along with her political aspirations, trials and tribulations in the biz, and some porn definitions and some of her favorite scenes along the way. Delightful, insightful and of course incredibly sexy (that accent!)… Angela brings us the goods that fans and industry execs alike will enjoy.

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PAC – 018 Alex Gheorghe – AWSummit

Alex Gheorghe AWSumit

In this Episode We Talked To Alex Gheorghe

Alex Gheorghe is the founder of NightProwl studio in Romania and a near 10 year industry veteran. He also organizes the up and coming industry event AW Summit and the AW Awards, now in its third year in Mamaia. The main focus for his events is for the WebCam industry, but as Alex says, this year will be bigger as the webcam industry also needs hosting, traffic and tools to support their businesses. Alex is surrounded by beautiful models and a hardworking and extremely reliable staff, something critical to his company as he will soon take on even more projects.

In this episode we learn the story behind Gheorghe’s success, where it all started and his ups and downs. He tells us about the cam industry in Romania and also forecasts the new big webcam market. Come and learn about all of the new projects that Alex has going on and enjoy a few laughs in the process!

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PAC – 017 Steve Lightspeed – 2Hot4FB

Steve Lightspeed

In this Episode We Spoke With Steve Lightspeed

Steve Jones, AKA Steve Lightspeed AKA The 2Hot4FB guy… now HERE is someone who has either done it or seen it all. Arguably one of the most successful industry pioneers of the solo girl / cheerleader niche, Steve carved out an empire based on some of the most popular “girls next door” in the earlier days of the adult online industry. Also known for his generosity and ability to mix business with pleasure and a dash or three of insanity… there isn’t an industry veteran around who doesn’t have some kind of crazy Steve Lightspeed story.

Having parlayed his ability to understand and set trends as well as identify industry needs, Steve launched 2Hot4Fb and 2Gay4Fb last year with growing success. Join us as we get to see both the fun and serious sides of someone who has been integral in the history of our industry.

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