PAC – 016 Juan Carlos and Anthony from AJ Studios

We had a great time catching up with Juan Carlos and Anthony (AJ), owners and operators of AJ Studios and the LALEXPO (now in its 3rd year) in Colombia. With the largest webcam studio in all of South America, these guys are total innovators and professionals. Their LALEXPO is a high-level networking platform for industry leaders, content providers, studio partners, cam models, fans, and supporting vendors and businesses to come together to change the face of the webcam industry. Not to mention they are constantly surrounded by hot girls.

With an amazing “can-do” and ongoing “win-win” attitude and their numerous trials and tribulations on their pathway to success, these guys shared some great stories with us as their webcam studio and tradeshow both continue to grow. We might even encounter a wild story or three along the way. And oh… those girls…

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PAC-015 Thierry Arrondo Vendo

We had an opportunity to catch up with Thierry Arrondo, one of the owners and the Managing Director of Vendo Services, a billing company based in Barcelona. Not all payment providers are created equal and we will delve into the fact that Vendo has really established themselves as not only a company that knows how to put user data to its best advantage for merchants but also how much importance they put on company culture.

In this episode we talk about dynamic billing, artificial intelligence, automation of task for scaling and company culture.

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PAC-014 Jenny Gonzalez Traffic Mansion

Jenny Gonzalez is one serious industry mover and shaker. As head of sales and marketing for Traffic Mansion, her understanding of the ins and outs of the dating industry along with her brand knowledge are a force to be reckoned with! She goes to a lot of shows so chances are you are one of many who has had the chance to pick her brain and enjoy her company. We sure did during this interview!

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