Sascha Schoonen Piggybankgirls

PAC-010 Sascha Schoonen Piggybankgirls

Sascha Schoonen is the owner and CEO of Piggybankgirls, the first erotic crowdfunding website in the world. Sascha tells us that the idea for the first erotic crowdfunding site for girls came from talking to girls that are either in the erotic business, but also girls without any adult-related background. They told us that if they’d get into the erotic industry (or why they got there), they would do it for a specific goal and not just for rent or saving up money. The girls wanted to go on a boat cruise, pay tuition fees, or even for surgery due to health/beauty reasons.

Piggybankgirls was born and Sascha shares with us some insights from where it all started, the status of the platform almost two years later and a glimpse into the future in fulfilling other people’s dreams to make their own erotic fantasies come true.






2 thoughts on “PAC-010 Sascha Schoonen Piggybankgirls

  1. I had a look at the site and I totally can understand why german customers aren’t the best customers at
    German’s do like it german. They aren’t too much into english. The site seems to be translated via google translate or someone who had german at school for just 1 year. The site doesn’t switch to german automatically. To get more german customers it would probably be good to have some german girls inside the platform. If there are german girls – show them to the customers. Without registering is looks like you cannot interact with the girls. Is there something like a comment-function? As far as i’ve seen there’s only the video of the girls explaining why they need the money and a little bit of something like a description. I think it would be much better to show a little bit more content of the girl. If there’s nothing to see – except the video and the description – it won’t catch my attention enough. Just my two cents 🙂 Cheers Charlie.

  2. Charliebitme Hello thank you for your feedback.
    We did concentrate on Germany before but we don’t anymore that’s why there are no german girls anymore right now. You are right we need to optimise the website and we are planning to add more free stuff for our visitors. I appreciate your honest feedback. Best regards

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