PAC-011 Brad Mitchell from MojoHost

Ahh… Brad Mitchell, owner of MojoHost. How can you not love this guy? Knowledge, experience, service, style, and industry goodwill all rolled into one awesome person.

With Brad you can always expect good things to happen… but how did he get to his current position in the industry and more important how has he managed to stay there? We’ll peel back the layers one painted shirt at a time and really get into some in depth talk with a man with old school background and adaptability every step of the way.



PAC-010 Sascha Schoonen Piggybankgirls

Sascha Schoonen Piggybankgirls

Sascha Schoonen is the owner and CEO of Piggybankgirls, the first erotic crowdfunding website in the world. Sascha tells us that the idea for the first erotic crowdfunding site for girls came from talking to girls that are either in the erotic business, but also girls without any adult-related background. They told us that if they’d get into the erotic industry (or why they got there), they would do it for a specific goal and not just for rent or saving up money. The girls wanted to go on a boat cruise, pay tuition fees, or even for surgery due to health/beauty reasons.

Piggybankgirls was born and Sascha shares with us some insights from where it all started, the status of the platform almost two years later and a glimpse into the future in fulfilling other people’s dreams to make their own erotic fantasies come true.






PAC-009 Talking With Lauren MacEwen from 7 Veils

Lauran MacEwen

With so many opportunities in social media nowadays how do you separate the real opportunities from the noise? This week on P & C we are thrilled to have social media expert and founder of, Lauren MacEwen on as our guest. Lauren is a great all-around person to work with and get to know and in this episode you’ll find out why personally and professionally. Tune in and get some inside scoop on Breaking Bad, the meaning behind a biblical dance and which algorithms out there don’t have your best interests at heart.

We also talked about the new B2B social network for the adult club industry:


PAC-008 Talking With Andy Wullmer from SGM

In this episode of Porn And Coffee, we are happy to have with us the one and only Andy Wullmer from Sex Goes Mobile. If you have been in the industry for more than a month and attended at least one show, then it is impossible to not have noticed this guy.

The former German bank man is now the CEO of SGM Media or as he calls himself, the “Captain” of the company. His SGM brand is highly visible and the product behind it is very solid.

Find out more about Andy Wullmer, where he came from, his philosophy about being the captain, and the story behind the brand “Pussy Juice” and the accompanying music, plus a lot more in this week’s episode.