PAC-005 Talking With Shay Efron From PussyCash

ImLive, WebcamWiz, CamsCreative,,… what do all these sites have in common aside from all being under the umbrella? That’s right Shay Efron is one of the head honchos behind it all. A mystery man to some, the object of desire for many, and just an all around great and knowledgeable guy who is great for the industry… take a 20 minute excursion with us as we peel back a few layers on Shay!

In this episode we learn what crazy jobs Shay had before he entered the industry, Shay talks about a new inovative product they will present early in 2016 and also the start of a new portal that PussyCash has big faith in.




PAC-004 Talking With Diane Duke From Free Speech Coalition

Diane Duke

Having served 9 years as the head of the Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke has always exuded confidence, class, intelligence and grace while all the while having to combat detractors and adversity at many turns. Her departure from the FSC will leave a visible mark. Get in-depth with us as we tap into Diane’s mindset and sense of humor and find out a few surprises along the way.

In this episode we talk about Diane Duke’s new plans after leaving FSC, what has been FSC’s biggest cases so far, what problems FSC are facing in 2016 and more.

Visit to learn more about this organization that is really important for our industry!


PAC-003 Talking With Ballina From AVN

It’s hard to put into words just how awesome Ballina is but we are going to try, anyway. With humble industry beginnings dating back nearly 15 years, Ballina has always been a positive force. A terrific networker, salesperson and friend to many, Ballina shows time and again that she’s a great person to have in your court.

In this episode we talk about how Ballina got started in the industry and her new role in AVN. We talk about what you can expect from Internext and why your company should be present there.


PAC-002 Talking With Joey Gabra From Affil4you

Joey Gabra… the man, the myth, the legend. We all know and love the guy but who is this guy really? Highly proficient at marketing, networking, guitar, Jack Daniels and just being a great friend and business associate to many… what makes him tick?

Where did he come from? And what does he have going on?

Joey Gabra is Businessman of the Year for The Company of the Year that has the Best Mobile Brand of the Year and also the Best Mobile Revenue Program, all of them from Ynot Award alone.

In our first guest podcast, we put our test subject to task… and Joey gives us the goods, as anticipated.