PAC-001 The Pilot

Hi everyone and welcome to Porn And Coffee, the new weekly podcast for the adult entertainment industry as of December 2015. This is the very first episode and we have called it “The Pilot.” It’s the episode where we present the show, what it is all about and why we are doing it. You will also get to know us, the hosts of the show, a little bit better. Jay Kopita and Thomas Skavhellen have been in the industry for over 20 years combined and in this episode we go through our journey on how we got into the adult online industry.

We will put out a new episode every Tuesday and we sure hope you find our short weekly podcasts entertaining and informative! Please Contact us if you have any suggestions for the show, interview suggestions or any additional feedback.

3 thoughts on “PAC-001 The Pilot

  1. Proud to get to put the first comment on your new venture guys.

    Such an awesome idea, and pretty sure we will all be listening to you with our cuppa and our porn on the background 😉

    Thomas / Jay Congrats lads and see you soon!

  2. Thanks WilliamHubpeople! Glad you took the time to comment! It’s been an idea for a while and I’m just so glad we managed to put it together. 

    New episode will be out on Tuesday!

    Also looking forward to see you soon at one of the upcoming shows 🙂

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