PAC – 042 Stefan Geisler – Amazing Content

In This Episode, we talk to Stefan Geisler from Amazing Content

Virtual Reality or VR as the cool kids are calling it, is currently the big thing in the world of adult content production and we had the pleasure of interviewing Stefan Geisler (no more MaDalton!) who is front and center in this crazy and awesome new market. After working over 10 years in the medical and advertising industry, Stefan jumped into the adult industry headfirst and co-founded together with his business partner in 2003. Since then they produced more than 12,000 exclusive custom scenes for some of the biggest names in adult. Also being one of the early adopters of VR, the company just entered into an exclusive production agreement with Join us as we have a few laughs, learn a few things, and enjoy a few stories with Stefan.

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PAC – 041 Porn And Coffee – Holiday Special

In This Episode, Jay Kopita and Thomas Skavhellen give you a Holiday Special!

We did it! We surpassed one year with our Porn and Coffee podcast! We owe our sponsors past and present a debt of gratitude for your support and for believing in us, as well as the support of all of our fantastic guests and listeners. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. To help us all ring in the new year, we have put together a holiday special! With 40 episodes under our belt now, we combed through everything to locate some of our funniest clips from over the past year. We also wax poetic on the past and throw in a few 2017 predictions of our own in this episode. But first and foremost, this special episode highlights what we consider some of our best moments on Porn and Coffee. We hope you agree!

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PAC – 040 Buck Angel – The Man With The Pussy

In This Episode, we talk to Buck Angel – The Man With The Pussy

An icon of popular culture and arguably one of the most recognizable people in the world of transgendered erotica for over a decade, Buck Angel continues to share his message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to have him on our show (especially considering all of his appearances elsewhere in major media outlets over the years) and were able to touch base on several subjects in this episode. Buck inspires people to think outside the box, is instrumental in re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics.

Having coined the phrase “It’s not what’s between your legs that defines you”… this has become an anthem for men and women everywhere who have been inspired by Buck’s message of self acceptance. Author, director, adult star, motivational speaker, advocate, sex toy creator and all around great guy… after you are done enjoying this episode, be sure to catch his new documentary at

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PAC – 039 Richard Buss – Ynot Mail

In This Episode, we talk to Richard Buss from Ynot Mail

Richard AKA Rochard is without doubt one of the more interesting figures in the adult online industry. A proud marine, pizza lover and DIY’er with a great attitude in just about everything, Richard got his start in the business in the late 90s, particularly in the solo girl niche and came to prominence during his tenure with LightSpeedCash back when it set the standard. Richard is a highly knowledgeable guy as well when it comes to dating sites and email marketing, having worked for Dating Factory for several years, and currently at YNOT as Director of products and services, most notably with running YNOTMail. Somewhat of an enigma, join us as we unravel a man who we are incredibly happy to know and always brings something to the table.

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PAC – 038 Chris Rodger – Payze

In This Episode, we talk to Chris Rodger from Payze

“Evil” Chris has been in the adult industry since the 90s. A feat alone, all in and of itself. What makes him evil and what makes this long-timer tick? In this episode of Porn and Coffee we will find out the answer to both and a lot more. Formerly serving 15 years in the Canadian Forces, Chris made the jump to adult nearly 20 years ago at Wild Rose Productions and is currently with Payze the last few years. We have always found Chris to be equal parts dedicated, knowledgable, supportive, and community oriented… Oh, and opinionated.

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PAC – 037 Sharon Somers – ClimaXConnection

Sharon Somers

In This Episode, we talk to Sharon Somers from ClimaXConnection

We decided to really step out of our b2b comfort zone this episode and talk to someone completely different AND who is making money with the phone sex industry! Yes, even in 2016 there is still a market for this and with plenty of upside. Sharon Somers actually got a later start in the mid 2000s with making money in phone sex and erotic recordings and writing. Preferring to keep her visual identity private, which is often the case we’ve found with people who work in audio only, Sharon provided us with a very unique perspective on her market, the pros and cons, and a better look into the kind of clientele who are looking for something completely different than what seems to be the usual trend nowadays.

You can learn more about this surviving market that many of you might have thought to be gone since the invention of the internet by checking out Sharon’s work at Her phone sex site can be found at

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PAC – 036 Lernmond Khodaverdy – Twistbox

Lernmond Khodaverdy

In This Episode, we talk to Lernmond Khodaverdy from Twistbox

We had an opportunity to catch up with Lernmond, the dashing young man responsible for all business operations at Twistbox. Did you know he has 10 years experience in the mobile adult industry? Neither did we! Coming out from behind the scenes and hitting the trade show circuit just over the last few years, Ler was directly involved in enabling and managing the launch of adult services across 100+ mobile operators in Europe, Latin America and Asia in the early stages of mobile.  Currently, Ler is now focused on expanding the exclusive Twistbox portfolio to new heights. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him. In the meantime, the next time you see him, feel free to order him a Belvedere on the rocks if you want to break the ice.

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PAC – 035 Alexandra – OneGreatDiva

Alexandra - OneGreatDiva

In This Episode, we talk to Alexandra – OneGreatDiva from LiveCamAwards

Alexandra AKA OneGreatDiva is successful both in the fetish webcam industry as a model and performer, and also in the awards show side of the adult industry with her amazing annual LiveCamAwards (LCA) show, with her third year happening during TES Barcelona. The LCA is the first awards show to exclusively honor the performers and companies who serve the highly-competitive webcam business. The Bucharest, Romania-born beauty joined the camming community in 2006, and has since perfectly honed her ‘Diva’ image – and foot fetish imagery – to the delight of many of her passionate fans and followers. Business savvy and beautiful, we had a blast catching up with Alexandra and learned a few things along the way, not only about her but also about her work and work ethic. We hope her words of wisdom and independence inspire you as well.

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PAC – 034 Rebecca Love

Rebecca Love

In This Episode, we talk to Rebecca Love

We were fortunate to catch up with Rebecca Love, the “Skinemax BQueen of Late Nite TV” and one of our hosts secret (now, not so secret) early industry crushes! Rebecca has been in the adult industry since the late 90’s and has built an awesome adult community for networking and fun in Las Vegas since her retirement from hardcore porn.  MeetUps like “Karaoke XXX” has been a mainstay for years which promotes networking and interacting with fans in a fun environment, as well as her “Talking Dirty” sexuality podcast which fulfills her passion for radio networks since the KSEX days. There is more to come from Miss Love as she is producing an interactive fan movie experience with her new endeavor, so stay tuned!

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PAC – 033 Derrick Pierce

In This Episode, we talk to male pornstar Derrick Pierce!

Before joining the porn industry, multi-award nominated star Derrick Pierce was a certified personal trainer and martial arts instructor and continues his fitness experience as a bootcamp instructor and personal trainer. The “Bad Boy of Adult” has coached professional MMA athletes from both WEC and UFC. As an adult performer, Derrick has appeared in a multitude of roles ranging from hardcore BDSM to feature adult films and plays a convincing villain in Axel Braun’s comic book parodies Batman V Superman, Wolverine XXX, The Dark Knight XXX and Captain America XXX. Derrick has also proven his talent behind the camera as an award nominated director. He co-owns the hardcore production studio, Primal Productions, and he runs the membership website, which follows Derrick’s encounters with the hottest starlets in adult.

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